What are we humans?

What are we humans? Basically we humans are nothing more than an eating, breathing, sleeping, reproduction entity. Together with millions of other lifeforms we thrive of what the outer layer of the planet that we inhibit, is capable of producing.

  • We are Survivalists
  • We reproduce
  • We consume
  • We are able to learn
  • We get bored

We are Born, We Breed and then we are Buried. BBB for short. <The meaning of life according to the natures “programming” of us. That is all there is too it. But the last point in the list makes it hard to just sit and wait for death and in between getting laid and raising offsprings. But that is for another Blog, Today’s blog is only about the basics.

A fleshbag filled with chemicals chemical dispensers A biological reproduction autonomous Survival entity.

A fleshbag filled with chemicals chemical dispensers A biological reproduction autonomous Survival entity.

The problem is that I blog to entertain others, entertain myself is way easier than writing a blog, just some lube and internet. Gotta keep up those skillz. No entertaining others demand that I write stuff that interest at least one other person on the internet, easy you say? I’m not sure. Anyways, point is this as it might seem quite forward and simplifying life to a “Life for DUMMIES” level, not many can wrapped their heads around this topic. But what the hell. I will post it. Either I fail in amusing anyone with my point of view and nothing is different than it was before I wrote it OR someones day was touched to making a single coherent thought along the lines I hope your brain will go.
Until next time May the wind blow along your chosen path and your general direction of travel.


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One response to “What are we humans?

  1. The old questions “Why am I?” and “Is there a point to my existence?” arises from such thoughts. Sometimes, not to say most of the time, we might put our own importance on a too high pedestal and the reason for this, IMHO, is that we are beginning to understand that we mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. Whenever I feel that I have the whole world on my shoulders, I load up an image I have on my hard drive and just look at it. It is a pretty big image, for the technical buffs out there it is close to 24 gigabyte in size, so it contains pretty much information. The image is of our galaxy, the Milky Way, seen from our perspective. All of it! Painstakingly puzzeled together from several thousands of images taken over many years by very skilled photographers and astronomers. It is a very impressive image indeed. OK, anyway, this image is several thousands of pixels high and wide and I can zoom in on all the shiny stars and whatnot, effectively, in theory, timetravel with my eyes since alot of those shiny stars might be long gone when the light finally reaches our Earth, given the distance and that light travels a the speed of light and not one iota more. So, to get myself down on the ground and cure myself of eventual temporary hubris, I look at all this, understanding that each little speck of light in the image is a star much like our own Sun, and there are a googleplex of them out there, and the fact that I cannot see any planets at all means that there might be a googleplex times googleplex number of planets, perhaps not just like our Earth but of similar shape and constitution. Knowing this, and then placing myself in there, me with the mass of Nothing in comparison to the Milky Way, puts me in my place 🙂 When looking at existence like this, one might come to the conclusion that nothing we ever do will make the least bit of difference, in the grand scheme of things, and that would indeed be true. We are all but minuscle specs of carbonbased matter, living on an insignificant ball of dust in a wast ocean of similar balls of dust and each one of those balls are way beyond reach of each other so that they will never cross paths, forever separated by time and E=MC2. In that perspective, I find it pretty awesome that we are even able to be born, that we can breed, and that we get buried after all is said and done – since after all – there is really no point to it at all – in the grand scheme of things.

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